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CTDS Limited has changed its name!!

As of the 3rd October 2016 Commerical Technology and Development Services Limited has changed its name to Mosaic Cloud Services Limited.

As part of a continuing strategy of integration, following CTDS becoming part of the Hexagon Group, Mosaic Cloud Services will now join its sister companies in the common Mosaic brand.

The group of companies still consists of the same people but with our two sister companies we will be better placed to offer additional services that complement each other.

All existing support and telecoms services will be transitioned over to Mosaic Business Systems over the next couple of months and existing clients will receive notification nearer the time of transition.

Further information, along with details of how to login to our new self help portal, will be made available to our existng clients throughout October but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


After contacting CTDS you may be asked to join a remote desktop support session and will be issued a unique session ID.  

To activate the remote session please follow the steps below

1) Simply enter the session ID in the box to the right and click CONNECT.

2) You will be promoted to download or run a plugin from Zoho Assist.  This plugin is perfectly safe and allows us to access your PC remotely.  Simply download and run the plugin and follow the on screen prompts.

3) Once you have connected we will be able to view your screen and take control (only with your permission) to resolve your issue.

Remote Support

Mosaic Cloud Services

MCS provides cloud and internet hosting for businesses looking to leverage the power of cloud computing to enhance there business.

WIth its continued investment in its dedicated hosting environment MCS can provide bespoke hosting services to new and existing clients.

If you are looking for a custom application or web portal then MCS can also provide project based development services to your business.

Using Agile, TDD and Scrum as our development methadology we offer completely transparent development allowing you to make changes quickly as your application evolves.

Mosaic Business Systems

MBS is a registered OFCOM reseller and provides front line and desktop support to its clients alongside its telecoms solutions.

With the ability to provide all telecoms services ranging from single handsets, mobiles and internet connectivity to large scale implementations and 100mb leased lines.

Its continually developing field engineers MBS is able to support all common business IT desktop support set-ups without the significant cost of having to provide a full time support team.  For more complicated services bespoke support arrangements can be put into place.

Mosaic Digital Media

MDM is a new acquisition for Hexagon Group and encomapsses the groups online digital marketing services.

MDM provides marketing for both traditional PPC, SEO and web marketing and also the emergeing social media marketing ranging from Linked In for B2B to Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat for B2C clients.

MDM can also build your next new website or make changes to your existing site and, in combination with MCS can provide any level of hosting required.